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Golden Goddess Slots

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Welcome to Golden Goddess Slots!

How to play Golden Goddess Slots:
Golden Goddess features forty paylines and the Super Stacks™ feature for only forty coins. The Super Stacks™ feature creates huge stacks of symbols for enormous wins. Choose your symbol in the bonus picker for the Super Stacks™ in the Free Spins Bonus for even more chances to win.

Displays the current bet per line shown in currency. Press the left arrow (-) to decrease the bet per line. Press the right arrow (+) to increase the bet per line.

Betting is fixed at 40 lines for 40 coins on Golden Goddess.

Press to spin the reels and submit the bet.

Auto Spin Feature
Auto Spin plays the game automatically on Golden Goddess slots for a selected number of spins at the current line bet. Select the desired line bet, press AUTO SPIN and choose how many spins to play. Auto Spin plays the specified number of spins until the STOP button is pressed, a bonus is triggered, or the balance is insufficient to spin again.

Golden Goddess slots auto spin is only available in approved jurisdictions.

Super Stacks™ Feature
Each reel in Golden Goddess slots includes large stacks of the same symbol. Before each spin, a symbol is randomly selected to fill each reel’s stacks. Any symbol, except the Bonus symbol, may appear in any stack. All stacked symbol positions on a reel transform to the same symbol. The same symbol may appear in the Super Stacks™ on multiple reels on the same spin. When the same symbol appears in the stacks on adjacent reels, the potential for big wins increases.

Free Spins Bonus
Nine Bonus scatter symbols on the centre three reels trigger the on-screen bonus picker. These symbols are only found on reels 2, 3, and 4. Choose a Bonus symbol to reveal a Goddess, Man, Horse, or Dove symbol. The revealed symbol becomes the Super Stacks™ symbol found on all reels for all spins in the Free Spins Bonus. Triggering the Free Spins Bonus awards seven free spins. The bonus cannot be retriggered because no Bonus symbols appear on the reels during the Free Spins Bonus.

Free spins are played at the same line bet and same number of lines as the triggering spin.

Graphics Quality

  • BEST mode – Graphics look best, but performance may suffer.
  • HIGH mode (default) – Optimal graphics and performance setting.
  • MEDIUM mode – Lower quality but increased performance.
  • LOW mode – Degraded graphics, but smoothest animation performance is achieved even on slower computers.

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